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De Ketele and De Pauw, lord and master at the opening night of the 77th Lotto six days Flanders-Ghent

Kenny De Ketele and Moreno De Pauw after the first day in the lead in the 77th six days of Ghent. With 77 points, they go the duo Kneisky-Thomas (66 points).

Kenny De Ketele and Moreno De Pauw acquaintances immediately color on the opening night of the 77th Lotto six days Flanders-Ghent. Very convincing, they won the ploegafvalling, traditionally a number, in which one with an open mind battle. The Peacock, well marketed by The Ketele, took raft to the size of the French world champion Benjamin Thomas. Notable: the Australians Cameron Meyer and Callum Scotson mingle not in the debates. The Italian Elia Viviani, flashier than last year, when he and Iljo Keisse rode, tried with his inexperienced ploegmakker Michele Scartezzini to limit the damage, but looks already at a large disadvantage. The Dutchmen Yoeri Havik and Wim Stroetinga missed the start.

“The ploegenafvalling is a prestigenummer. Therein, you should immediately follow suit”, said the particular avid De Ketele. “Points tackle continues to be important and so we take every opportunity, however, comes the opportunity to get a bonus to acquire.” Profit of The Ketele-De Pauw in the chronorit put the well-stocked ‘Kuipke’ a second time on stilts.

The first ploegkoers of this six-day was won by the Dutchmen Yoeri Havik and Wim Stroetinga, who Ketele-De Pauw, and the young tandem of Lindsay De Vylder-Robbe Ghys before. The rest were running around the ears. Since the other two are not without three can, won Moreno De Pauw also the dernyreeks. De Ketele-De Pauw left crumbs for the rest and won the dernyreeks (The Peacock) and the chronorit about 500m.

Jonas Rickaert won the super sprint and the scratch race, the ploegkoers about 30’ was an ideal fit for the hand of the Frenchmen Kneisky-Thomas, who won with one round edge.

The position after the first day

1. DE KETELE-DE PAUW 77 points, 2. Kneisky-Thomas 66, 3. Hawk-Stroetinga 54, 3. DE VYLDER-GHYS 48, at 1 lap 5. Viviani-Scartezzini 37, 6. Stewart-Wood 29, 7. Meyer-Scotson 8, at 2 laps 8. RICKAERT-Pieters 39, 9. Grasmann-Hester 9, at 3 laps 10. VERGAERDE-Stöpler 9, at 4 laps 11. Lampater-THIJSSEN 33, at 5 laps 12. Marguet-Pijourlet 2.

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