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Daphne Koster about the european women’s football

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The NOS do during the european CHAMPIONSHIPS women’s report of the Dutch races, and, among others, Daphne Koster roped for the pre – and postmortem. spoke with the ex-international about ‘our’ chances at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS.

The netherlands in addition to Norway against Denmark and Belgium. How heavy is this group?
“The netherlands and Norway are the better of the four. The contest of Sunday is like a cracker. Often, the opener also an important: you can well put out.”

Who are the largest competitors for our women football?
“Germany, France and England will probably be very very far in the competition. If the Netherlands through the group stage, the ladies should anyway against Germany or Sweden. For the latter, we need happy and less afraid. We are perhaps better than the Swedish team.”

How is the game of the ladies?
“The netherlands has a fast vanguard, with Lieke Martens on the left, and Shanice van der Sanden on the right. Vivianne Miedema is playing in the striker and can from all angles to score. The midfield is also strong, the defense less so. As the Netherlands attack with a lot of space in their backs, the players, unfortunately not the fastest.”

The group matches are sold out. Do you think that the european Women will live more in the Netherlands?
“The lives are already pretty and that is a beautiful development. The Netherlands as the group stage passes, the EK is probably more popular. When I go to the players and their qualities, look, than, they can be a very nice tournament.”

This year, the Netherlands the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. It Is better for your performance if you are in your own country?
“Some countries get in a flow, then you can see that it goes well. But during the world cup in Germany was the German team the big favorite and that were already in the group stage. It is so important that our women football with both legs remain on the ground, even if they’re not a favorite this year.”

Which national and international players we should keep an eye on?
‘Ramona Bachmann of Switzerland. If the pet is good, she plays great. In the Netherlands, Jackie Greens an important, though she is still relatively unknown. But I also think that we especially on the top countries of France, England and Germany should pay attention to. There you go very nice football to see.’

We must also Vivianne Miedema in the track? She is the female Messi called.
“Those that call, have no understanding of. She is absolutely no Messi.”

Where does that comparison come from? Because they have so much scoring?
“That is the only comparison. Look, she is a fantastic player. She has a nose for the goal when they are in the 16 meter area. Fortunately, this year there will be less pressure on her, because now you have good players such as Lieke Martens and Shanice van der Sanden. But she still has the status that they are easy to score.”

Finally: how far to go to the ladies, do you think?
“I hope that they are in the semi-finals. That is possible, particularly if you the Netherlands compares with other countries. But if you’re in the semi-final, you naturally want to get to the finals. That is, however, difficult, because after the group stage you get with the best countries.”

Tonight play the OranjeLeeuwinnen their first match against Norway. At 17.40 hours starts the preview at NPO 1. Daphne Koster discusses the competition along with Anouk Hoogendijk, Manon Melis and Rivkah on the Field.

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