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Axel Hervelle stops at the Belgian Lions

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Axel Hervelle makes an end to his career with the Belgian Lions, and focuses solely on his clubloopbaan. That has the 34-year-old basketball player Tuesday announced. “It was a very difficult decision,” explains Hervelle on the site of the Belgian basketbond.

“I had to be honest with myself,” explains Hervelle. “I have my whole career invested in my body and care, the reason that I have a good balance found between my club and the Belgian Lions. I now feel, however, that it is more difficult for both of them to combine.”

“In my heart I will always be a Lion”, is our fellow countryman who is active in Bilbao, Spain, continues. “I repeat that it is a difficult decision, but I also think that it is the right one. At the level of the Belgian Lions, we have a balanced group with young people and talent, and a number of posts to guide them. I think that Sam Van Rossom, Jonathan Tabu, as well as Maxime De Zeeuw, who is now almost thirty years old, very well able to this role of figurehead.”

“I find it personally a bit too early, but have of course understanding for Axel and his situation,” responded coach Eddy Casteels. “I am twelve years old coach and he was my extension on the parquet. A leader also, and for me, one of the largest Belgian players, perhaps the best ever. We will, on the one hand his envy during the games miss and on the other hand, his leadership next to it.”

Hervelle (128 caps) was for sixteen years a member of the Belgian Lions. He sits in the legendary ‘Club 100’ of the Lions and has after Christophe Beghin (137) and Jef Eygel (134) the third-most selections in the national team.

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