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5 skaters in order to keep an eye on this season

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For most skaters this season in the character of the Olympic Games. Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst are the undisputed leaders. But there are more skaters to keep an eye on the NK Distances. These five, for example.

1 Dai Dai Ntab
The son of a Dutch mother and a Senegalese father skated last year in between the top of the 500 metres. The speed is there, but Ntab sometimes makes mistakes on important moments. He went last year at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS distances just before the finish line too. If he is this season a little bit more stable to drive, he can certainly be places for the Olympic Games. Once there, anything is possible.

2 Koen Verweij
The former world champion all-round, we already have a number of years little more was heard. There must be this season to change in the future. The headstrong Verweij trains – much to the surprise of many, occasionally with the Russian schaatsselectie. He has also for some time a relationship with the young schaatstalent Jutta Leerdam (remember that name!). That gives him wings?

3 Antoinette de Jong
The while his teammate of Ireen Wüst comes closer to her ‘kopvrouw in the area. Four years ago in Sochi, she was seventh at the olympic 3000 meters. In Pyeongchang must be better.

4 Patrick Rust
The team-mate of Sven Kramer finished last year as second on the world CHAMPIONSHIP allround. The start of this important season is far from ideal: Rust broke recently his arm. As he very well recovers will he sure to join the start tickets for the Olympic Games.

5 Michel Mulder
The reigning olympic champion on the 500 m wants in Pyeongchang defend his title. An ambitious plan, because the competition on the shortest sprint distance is large. The past couple of seasons he came not to pass. Mulder started its own team, but returned in the spring, was back with his old coach Gerard van de Velde. Is the magic still there?

NK Distances in Heerenveen, Friday – NPO 2 • 20.00

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