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Winners Two to the sixth power of their money

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The winners of the episodes of Two to the sixth power that are no longer broadcast will be in the aftermath of the affair around presenter Bart De Pauw will anyway, their prize money. That leaves the VRT know.

The zondagavondquiz Two to the sixth power, with 1.19 million viewers last week Sunday, best viewed programme of the weekend, was last week by the VRT cancelled after presenter Bart De Pauw by some women was accused of unacceptable behaviour and sexual harassment. As a result, four episodes, which were recorded, not broadcast.

The first round of the quiz wins, gets 10,000 euro. In the contract of the participants, however, is that the broadcast television should come. From the customer service department of the VRT walked over the past days some questions on the winner in an episode that were not yet was sent out.

VRT guarantee, however, that this payout will happen, despite the fact that the program is no longer broadcast. If the participating companies, the final of the quiz win, the prize money for The hottest week of Music for life.

VRT has had contact with the production company Pies trump card, that the money should be paid out.

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