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Wietze de Jager is again father

8e5e66111fb00fdac9aa3295648b5cf8 - Wietze de Jager is again father

Wietze de Jager and his wife Lieke Field were last January the proud parents of daughter Juul Bettie, but there is another expansion coming.

Wietze told the news first to his followers on Instagram where he is the good message in a playful way the world was.

What a luck! What a miracle!

A post shared by Wietze de Jager (@wietzedej) on Nov 10, 2017 at 5:37am PST


Wietze and Lieke let daughter Juul Bettie through a nationwide know that in may next year her bed for a little brother or sister intended. In the crib is also the first echo to see the youngest member of the family of The Hunter.

Wietze married in 2015 with Lieke, that afternoon, The Hunters’ former employer Q Music.

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