Waylon go to the Eurovision song contest in Lisbon

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Waylon goes again on behalf of the Netherlands to the Eurovision song contest. That has AVROTROS Thursday confirmed after earlier in the day already have a video on YouTube had put up with lots of clues, all of which the singer referred to.

“AVROTROS in the coming months with Waylon and his team to the number and the act work. The semi-finals of the Eurovision song Contest is scheduled on Tuesday 8 may and Thursday 10 may. In any semi-final, Waylon is going to occur, is later published,” said the broadcaster in a statement.

Booze and women

The images suggested that the video was created by the Dutch participant of next year. We see a man waking up after a wild party. The house is filled with empty beverage bottles and women. There are tattoos on the arms of the man to see. On the television in the living room is a fragment of The Voice of Holland . In one of the rooms in the house are guitars drawn up and we also see the hat that Waylon at his previous participation in ESF in Copenhagen bore.

It is the second time that Waylon go to the eurovision. The singer took in Copenhagen in 2014 together with Ilse DeLange as The Common Linnets the second place with the song Calm After The Storm.

The Eurovision song contest, the 63rd edition, is the next year in the MEO Arena in Lisbon and that counts next year, 42 participants. Last year, on behalf of the Netherlands OG3NE. Portugal won last year with Salvador Sobral for the first time in 53 entries.

The song Contest on 12 may, the semi-finals on 8 and 10 may.

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