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Vandoorne after a statement:

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Stoffel Vandoorne leave disappointed Brazil after he at the start in the second bend along both sides was hit. Giving away any chance of points.

It is the GP of Monaco ago that Stoffel Vandoorne once again the finish on his. Stoffel Vandoorne came in an incident with Kevin Magnussen and Daniel Ricciardo. A disappointing result for Vandoorne, who was hoping on points in Brazil.

“Of course it was not the race I wanted. I came away from the grid and went into battle with Ocon and Grosjean. We touched each other almost at the first bend, when I made them, almost over.”

“In the second corner I was ‘gesandwicht’ by Magnussen and Ricciardo. I could not go anywhere. That was an unfortunate end to my race. In my opinion, I could do nothing to the incident to prevent it.”

Vandoorne was hoping to be on the circuit of Interlagos for points to be able to compete. Team-mate Fernando Alonso managed to eventually in order to eighth in the points to finish the race. Alonso jumps therefore with still one race to go over Vandoorne in the championship standings.

“I see this as a missed opportunity to score points. On Friday seemed to be our speed is promising. With the hot conditions and my good start, I think we have a good chance to score points. That is very unfortunate,” concludes Vandoorne.

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