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TERMINAL 2 autumn 2018 on tv

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The recordings of the second season of CHUCK began, the new episodes of the thrilling series, in the autumn of 2018 broadcast.

TERMINAL 1 was a resounding success and the second season continues where the first ended. There is, however, a handful of new actors: Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Maarten Heijmans, Ellen Parren and Edwin Jonker.

Hugo and Marius

CLAMP is about the brave Hugo Warmond (Barry Atsma), director of SMES of the Tax. He was in season 1, against his will, entangled with ex-top criminal Marius Milner (Jacob Derwig). After all completely in the soup ran in the season’s final try Hugo and Marius the past buried. But soon they get to the FIOD, rogue accountants, ontsporende gezinsbeslommeringen and the vengeful long arm of the Amsterdam underworld.

The second season of CHUCK is scheduled for the autumn of 2018 to see at NPO 1

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