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Strange owngoal, soft penalty and late victory: young Devils books penalty victory in Turkey

53ceb343fe2a00ee2dda081443a3fc92 - Strange owngoal, soft penalty and late victory: young Devils books penalty victory in Turkey

The Belgian promises to have on the sixth match day in the preliminary round of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 in Istanbul with 1-2 won Turkey . The young Devils (U21) started poorly in the competition but herpakten. Against ten Turks decided captain Writers eventually the match with a late goal, which the Belgians are undefeated on the head stay. Goalkeeper Jackers had notice by, among others, in that exciting final, a penalty kick stop.

The Young Devils started poorly in the competition and Melih Okutan kicked after five minutes of close 1-0 against the ropes. Even more bad luck when Aristote Nkaka uitschoof and with his foot stuck in the turf: the defensive midfielder of Mouscron had to be changed with possible heavy injury.

The Belgians knokten however, back in the match with a bustling Lukebakio and dangerous Writers, but they were initially on a strong Turkish goalkeeper. Defensively, it was the Belgians, not always well, the Belgians could, however, also count on a strong goalkeeper Jackers. On the stroke of rest came the Belgians still at the same height, albeit with the necessary luck: a counter of Leya Iseka was by a Turkish defender in the last instance, still staalhard against the bar kicked, but at the same Merih Demiral cracked then the back bouncing ball just in his own goal: 1-1…

After playing for an hour attacked the Turks with ten man when Rustu Hanli against his second yellow card looked at. A hard decision that the referee seemed to want to compensate for when captain Orkan Cinar went down in the sixteen after the (light) contact with Faes. Jackers picked up, however, the penalty kick and the Belgians deserved a second goal but fell far from over the Turkish goalie. To Writers in the 87th minute, yet the 2-3 scored.

Belgium: Jackers, Cools, Faes, Cobbaut, Miangue, Nkaka (17’ Heynen), Bastien, Mbenza (’79 Ngoy), Lukebakio, Writers, Leya Iseka (56’ Dimata)


At the beginning of september saw Belgium and Turkey together for the first time in Leuven. It was 0-0 at Den Dreef. In the same stadium attracted the boys of coach Johan Walem last Thursday sip on the longest end against Cyprus. Only in injury time could Leya Iseka when the liberating 3-2 score.

With 14 points from six matches leads Belgium in group 6, with Sweden (8 to 12), Cyprus (6 to 18) and Hungary (8 to 12). Turkey (5 to 12) is fifth, for hekkensluiter and weak brother, in Malta (0 to 15). Still Tuesday afternoon played Cyprus host for Hungary.

The next qualifying match of Belgium is on 26th march at the program, at home against Hungary. Follow, duels in Malta (september 7), Hungary (september 11) and Sweden (16 October). The nine group winners qualify directly for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 in Italy and San Marino, the four best school years known as seconde, divide the two remaining european CHAMPIONSHIP-tickets via the play-offs. The EK is valid as qualifier for the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo.

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