Soundos is really terrible/great!

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You love her or you hate her, but Soundos El Ahmadi this season anyway, the most controversial participant of Expedition Robinson. Still, the chance significantly that the Amsterdam comedian there tonight uitvliegt. In that case, it is Metro’s Johan from Above to cheer, but flashes colleague Constance van Amstel, still a little tear away.


Fanatical, funny, cheerful and especially very quiet. In 2011, it was Soundos for me the pleasant surprise of Who is the Mole?. I was her Sou call, I found myself. If they have a green screen for her nose got, I yelled as a football fan to ‘Sou, Sou, Sou!’ by the living room. But apparently she decided during her participation in Expedition Robinson on a tack to throw. Of a tough and yet caressingly fanatic, she changed into a childish bitch. Preferably, they are for hours between the casaveplanten to smiespelen to conspiracies to forge, but if she is a victim of a conspiracy, then the island suddenly too small.

It is very tough, but at the first trial she was already completely in panic when they are under a few bamboo sticks in the sand. Her comrades of team Yellow asked, not for nothing, wondering why they are in trouble-of-name participating in Expedition Robinson. Still, she kicked it, thanks to the evenwichtsproef to the amalgamation. But instead of triumphantly to the feast to start by quietly, a glass of champagne sipping, she had needed as a wild boar mountains and prawn crackers to the inside work.

And then that crazy pelvis of her… It is so thick on top of that, they are a play play. Be honest: for quite a while, I found it pretty fun that they had returned, alone because of the stares of her enemies. But when they were at the table so grossly exaggerated was to do, I was completely finished with her. The candidates happy. I understand completely why Herold in the fall of Soundos is kicked. Why would it be better to Marieke to vote away than Soundos a shovel under her ass to give? Hopefully that was the last piece of art of Soundos and we’ll see tonight how they Nicolette Dennis a hearty hug. The final farewell of Sou.


I already had a suspicion, but since the editorial meeting yesterday, I know for sure: out loud, confess that you are up to #teamsoundos belongs, comes down to committing social suicide. A bit like you are on a deserted island, 8 crabs have been caught, and that is very childish not want to share with you some, and also hungry, co-eilander: everyone looks at you pityingly, not understanding and even a little dirty. So: how can you? However, if I do it now also in the newspaper: I’m a fan of Soundos in Expedition Robinson.

Why!? I will tell. Like Johan, I learned Soundos know when in 2011 she participated in Who is the Mole. With its dryly comic one-liners and childlike enthusiasm she had fairly quickly conquered my heart. Someone with the heart on the tongue and as itself: a breath of fresh air in tv-land, where most of the smiling mouths, yet be sponsored by Prodent. After WIDM I went to follow her. Also literally, because I saw her in the theatre with Soundos, Pleasant. And that was it. Less enamored was I of her appearances at DWDD, but well, that was just her thing. You can do that.

Just as I feared that her tv career was over, but as she would say: weeds don’t die, and there she was again fanatical and himself in Expedition Robinson. Of course, there are better Dining than they are. Fact: anyone who is still in it, is a better Robinson than they are. And I think its great because I know for sure that the 18th season of the RTL5 reality show without this Amsterdam prankster is deadly boring. Or you her sense of humor and bigotry now can appreciate or not, Soundos brings life to the brewery. She is a fanatic and go all the way. She is the highlight of the series. The Maggie-cube in the Robinsonragout. The only real Soundos el Aromat.

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