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Series Hollands Hope is also a game

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Saturday, finally the second season of the exciting Dutch series, Dutch Hope. To the party to create a larger launch, the creators immediately a corresponding interactive world.

On you can get the locations of Hollands Hope from the top view, zoom in on different places and look at everything, explore, and do.

Code crack

In the game you need a code to crack to the hatch to a secret location to open. The code can crack, you need to be in the virtual world to find 28 hid Hollands Hope logos. Each logo represents a letter or digit, which together make up the final password forms. The one who succeeds is the code to crack, get access to an underground location, where a new assignment is waiting for you. With this last command fall special prizes to be won: collectors items from the tv series.

Marcel Hensema

Hollands Hope is about a forensic psychiatrist (Marcel Hensema), which in the wiethandel to go if he the farm of his father inherits. And then he and his wife (Kim van Kooten) and children all of a sudden a lot more exciting but also more dangerous life.

Hollands Hope, from Saturday, 4 november at 20.25 pm on NPO 2

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