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Sensation in the mud of Gavere: Van Aert wins after bad luck for Van der Poel in the final stage

aea939381c68f4ea6f8d64aa9965878e - Sensation in the mud of Gavere: Van Aert wins after bad luck for Van der Poel in the final stage

Wout van Aert has the cyclocross in Gavere won the fifth round of the Superprestige. The rain was once again a cross from the old box but also in the mud, there seemed to be in the military domain, nothing against the violence of Mathieu van der Poel: the European champion picked up a new demonstration, until he is in the final stage on foot stood with materiaalpech. Of Aert ground not to and this unexpected victory also leader in the general position of the world cup.

The cyclocross in Gavere is still a cross from the old box. After the start in the long lane was followed by an hour of beech trees in the field to a mud pit was recreated, with moreover, yet treacherously slippery pieces uphill and downhill. Only the large engines come in the shadow of the castle to the top, and that was also immediately noticeable.

Van Aert showed the european cup, where Van der Poel Sunday again won, pass and opted for an internship in Italy in order to charge the batteries. The world champion was clearly interested, and took the holeshot. Van der Poel took, however, quickly over, and the two protagonists put immediately really like to train.

Stuurfoutje Of Aert

Van der Poel was already in the second round, however, the use of a small stuurfoutje of van Aert and immediately the bird fly… The Dutchman sailed by and took right away.

The turbo van Aert blocked and Show Aerts drove past the world champion. The winner of Saturday in Niel is in good shape and pulled even in pursuit of the lone leader. Halfway through the race followed Aerts on fifteen seconds of Van der Poel, Van Aert was third and Klaas At the drove around the fourth.

Double bad luck for Aerts

Unfortunately for Aerts continued to that beautiful song not last: the poulain of Sven Nys at the Telenet team was knocked back by two flat tires, which Of Aert again second. The world champion left the head does not hang up and continued to fight for what he was worth but that seemed not enough to have tension to make the front.

Double breakdown Van der Poel …

Even a flat tyre in the final stage, seemed not really to tension, with a reassuring lead of half a minute. Van der Poel seemed to be easy to maintain, until he suddenly with materiaalpech stood next to the trail with a broken versnellingsapparaat.

The 23-year-old Wout van Aert rode past him and picked up the (sensational) win for Toon Aerts, and a cynical van der Poel.

Gavere was the fifth round of the Superprestige: Van der Poel overcame earlier in Gieten, Zonhoven, and Ruddervoorde. Van Aert, who was also the SP in Tree won, however, is the new leader. Now follow Diegem (30/12), Hoogstraten (11/2) and Middelkerke (17/2).

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1. Wout van Aert

2. Toon Aerts

3. Mathieu van der Poel

4. Klaas At

5. Tom Meeusen

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