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Scheidsrechtersbaas defends the videoref: “Had it 8 times in 12 decisions, understand”

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Scheidsrechtersbaas Johan Verbist is Monday for members of the board of the Pro League appeared to text and to explain the pilot project of the videoref in the Jupiler Pro League. “We are bound by the protocol’, highlighted Verbist to the professional clubs. Of the twelve times that the videoref between came, were eight decisions right, says Verbist.

“I’ve text and explanation is given in the whole project of the videoref, about the protocol that the FIFA and the IFAB (International Football Association Board) us imposes, and a number of decisions made by the videoref are taken,” explains Verbist. “Nothing changes. I am not for the Pro League appeared to make changes to announce. I them go on to explain that we work according to a certain protocol and that it will keep as long as we are in a testing phase.”

8 to 12

The Pro League would like to see more responsibility at the videoref, but that is according to Verbist is not possible. “The final decision always remains with the head referee on the field, writes that the IFAB so for. We are still in a testing phase. Therefore, I have the Pro League and let them know that I opensta for comments. That we can at the end of the testing phase, combine and forward it to the IFAB. Who must then decide what to do with that information.”

Verbist has after fourteen days of a first stocktaking, and that figures submitted to the Pro League. Twelve times is the VAR intervened, of which four times incorrectly. “In some cases, had the videoref intervene, but he did not. Or he came in between as that is not needed”, commented Pierre François, CEO of the Pro League. Eight times out of twelve interventions had the videoref the right. “But in those eight correct interventions, there are also cases in which the head referee, are videoref not followed. That was the case in Charleroi-Gent.”

Play-off 1

The Pro League is planning a file with his findings, as confirmed by CEO Pierre-François. “Verbist has us pointed out that we are in a testing phase, which are conducted according to the protocol of the IFAB. That means in particular that the videoref not need to intervene in gray areas, and that the final decision is always the referee on the field belongs to,” says François. “After the testing phase, all participating competitions, suggestions and comments to the IFAB. We will use our findings to give. The Pro League will find, for example, that the videoref the final decision should take if he thinks that intervention is required. Otherwise, you put in the veldarbiter for a very difficult decision.”

Verbist and François confirm that there is spoken about an increase of the fee from 80 to 350 euros per match. “It is still waiting on an agreement of the clubs. That should still be submitted to the General Meeting. In this regard there is a degree of unanimity, the proposal should only be approved,” said Verbist.

The videoref this season, tested for the first time in the Jupiler Pro League. Except 48 matches from the regular season (three of the very best from each club) will be the VAR also enabled for the 30 games of the Play-offs, the final of Play-off 2, the barragematch between Play-off 1 Play off 2, the finale of the Croky Cup and the two barragewedstrijden for promotion from the Proximus League (1B). The Pro League runs for the costs of the testing phase.


The Pro League is preparing itself for a final introduction of the Video, Assistant Referee (VAR) for next season. “We should already anticipate”, according to CEO Pierre François. “As soon as the IFAB and the use of the videoref final permits, we must decide whether we are going to use it in our league. For next season it is then obvious: all the matches with the videoref or no”, explains François. “The Pro League will be the VAR are more than likely to finally implement, but in that case we should videorefs go recruit.”

The Pro League wants more authority in the van and would prefer active referee also appoint as VAR. “Preferably the semiprofs,” says François. Referees will then have one day of the matchday referee, the other VAR in place of a fourth official. “But we can not do them from one day to the other, let me know. There is also training needed for that. Therefore, anticipate we will.” The semiprofs will therefore, as soon as possible are trained to be the videoref.

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