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Sanne Hans breaks ribs after The voice party

4141acf1d7eaaf6cdebde8b571b6885d - Sanne Hans breaks ribs after The voice party

Sanne Hans was overjoyed when the Blind Auditions of The voice of Holland is finally at an end. To celebrate this, she took a number of drinks. That she had better not do it.

Sanne Hans, known to many as Miss Montreal, is this year as a coach in The voice of Holland. She loves to talents to help a successful career, but after days of spinning in a rotating chair is the fun a little bit. Fortunately, Talpa for a great party, and there was the drink lavishly.

Painful fall

“I then went obediently to the house with Daniel. I went to sleep and he went to walk the dog. I was so happy when they came, because I was nice and angled spout. So I got out of bed and when I went hard on my mouth,” says Sanne in the ochtendshow of Giel Beelen. The fall was intense, she fell to her rib cage on a table. Au! All she had in the beginning no problems.

Broken ribs

“But after a week I felt my ribs while I was on the toilet was”, says Sanne. “I have not complained and I have all my promos and appearances done, but in the morning I notice that it is difficult with my breathing,” she concludes. Hope that it will be okay again with her.

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