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Rumblings around the Dutch Academy For Film

bab2d6911596ebf8e01c63cbcf4f5ff4 - Rumblings around the Dutch Academy For Film

The people behind the movies Everything is family and love is All are from the Dutch Academy For Film stepped. This is the body that, among others, is about the distribution of the Golden Calves, Dutch Film Festival (NFF).

Producer Frans van Gestel and director Joram Lürsen chose to run away because their film in Public works, which last year was nominated for ten Golden Calves, no one price within hengelde.

It could be better

Van Gestel wants, there is not much about lost, but in the Volkskrant he says that there is room for improvement. “It is just as good or bad as a judging system. What is important is that the festival is the Dutch film and deep into the provinces penetrates. I think it could be better”, he says.

New voting system

The new way of voting is now three years. The Academy consists of people from the film industry who vote for the Golden Calves. The previous judging system of the Dutch Film Festival was criticized, and then this form was created.

This year, the Golden Calves are awarded on 29 september.

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