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Roeselare survives Hell of Believe are not in EuroMillions Volley League

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The seventh match day in the EuroMillions Volley League has for a bit more tension taken care of. Think shows are becoming a reuzendoder and picked up now the three points against Roeselare.

Hell of Believe his name honour. After the West-Flemish people already Maaseik knocked, and went provinciegenoot Roeselare for the axe. Hoofdaanvaller Winkelmuller (27 points) and Gorski (19) had the largest share in this new three pointer. From the start a grip Feel the champion by the throat, and – despite a close loss, and new chances to win in two set – did it again in the third set. The match remained exciting until the end, but despite a Roeselaars point, there was still 3-1 (25-18, 26-28, 25-15, 27-25) on the scoreboard.

Haasrode Leuven showed in the other duel stronger than Ghent. However, were the guys from gent the best to the party started. De Vries did the Leuvenaren pain in set one, but then recovered the home team is (22-25, 25-17, 25-19, 25-15). Especially Tormans (22 points), Peeters and Huysegoms (both 16) scored, and made sure the three points in Leuven remained.

In the stand there are two leaders with 15 points, after Roeselare lost in Menen and Brussels on Friday won the Amigos Zoersel. Consider (14) and Maaseik (12) on the foot. Then follows a small gorge, with Leuven (9), that the top five is completed. Ghent remains bottom without a win. Next week it will again be exciting. Roeselare has a quiet week, while Aalst Maaseik receive. Maaseik can – if three points – than Roeselare and Aalst. In that case play Think Sunday for the leadership position in Guibertin.

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