Review: Audio Obscura X Rijksmuseum present Underworld

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The long gallery in the Rijksmuseum, has one clear direction: straight to the night Watch. Directly under this famous gallery, has the fietspassage Friday Audio Obscura X Rijksmuseum in only one direction: Underworld.

The tunnel, for this one evening, in the setting of an intimate club. For this feast were no cards in the sale, only tickets for guests. The wait is on of the most legendary electronic music acts in the world. To BBC Music 6 radio DJ Tom Ravenscroft, the task of the audience to do this to warm up. Tom, known for his quirky taste in music, know the audience only not really nice to the touch.

Amsterdam Dance Event

To chime 21.00, then, is it so far, Rick Smith and Carl Hyde to enter the stage. At the first sounds of ‘All the birds’, it is clear, Underworld is a celebrity in the house – and techno-scene. This from Cardiff-born band may himself along with Faithless, the Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers count to the grondrichters of the electronic dance music.


When the band is the song ’Now Train’ bet, shoot the laser beams between the audience and the impressive arch of the tunnel. The crowd goes wild. These men, now past sixty, know the audience is still considerably whips. In a constructive set, they work to their best-known track, Born slippy nuxx. But not before first the sound of synthesizers and the sometimes hypnotic vocals of Carl Hyde during ’King of snake’ have echoed.

Born Slippy

And then the hands in the air, here is everyone came here for, a nearly 15 minute version of the soundtrack of the film Trainspotting. The song Born slippy nuxx is supported by an impressive laser show. The audience to jump, and the Government trembles on its foundations.

Exclusive party on a special place

Audio Obscura X Rijksmuseum presents Underworld, perhaps the most exclusive party during ADE. In any case, the most special location. After a frenzied concert, the long tunnel under the Rijksmuseum, suddenly, that place where thousands of passers-by their road. As if nothing the night before has taken place, only the hundreds of empty beer bottles and are the silent witnesses that if they could speak, would say; here has a legendary feast took place!

Simon Ceulemans

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