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Process against ozondokter: expert ozontherapie in athletes review

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The correctional court of Leuven has Tuesday no verdict in the trial against the so-called ozondokter. In an interim decision, was an expert appointed.

The court wants advice on whether bloedtherapie with treatment of ozone medical a method is to manipulate. Chris M., the 53-year-old physician from Rotselaar that athletes treated with ozontherapie, will know his fate at the earliest in 2018.

The case of the Brabant sportdokter doing for several years already created a buzz of attention: the lightest dopingzaak ever according to the one, another proof of questionable ethics within the (cycling)sport, on the other hand. The riders whose names are in the margin of the research circulated in the piece acquitted by the disciplinary commission of the cycling federation. The fact is that ozone is not on the list of prohibited products, which is also true for vaminolact, the product (baby food, editor’s note) that secures the case to rolling went.

Chris M. is prosecuted for offences against the antidopingdecreet of 2012 on medically and ethically justified sports practice. In practice, it would he to (top)athletes prohibited substances have traded and administered.

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