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Philippe Muyters, which celebrates record number of Flemish athletes

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Philippe Muyters (N-VA), Flemish minister of Sport, has maandagnamidag in the Errerahuis in Brussels, the Flemish medal winners at european CHAMPIONSHIPS and world CHAMPIONSHIPS of the last half year, put in the flowers. “We may as Flanders proud to have such a large delegation of athletes to be here today”, welcomed the minister to the athletes.

The 57 individual athletes and four teams honored were, gave Flanders the previous six months, up to 106 medals. “The Errerahuis is becoming too small”, crossed Muyters from the shore. “We have never before seen such a large delegation of athletes. This proves yet again that we underestimate in sport. That I am thoroughly tired. Flemish people are always so modest. Maybe we should in that point of view, but let’s take an example to the Dutch. Though we must also not too much to our northern neighbours, look (laughing).”

Also the great diversity said the minister. “We are celebrating here athletes in minor sports and major sports, but especially the diversity strikes me. In the past I read more and read aloud the list of the honoured athletes, but there really is no start.”

Finally founded Muyters is still to the exemplary role of the athletes. “You make sure that people sport practice. Young and old gets inspired by your performance. You are an example for the whole of Flanders.”

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