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Penoza-movie comes not from the ground

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There is already a year of talk about a real Penoza-movie, but the project comes but not from the ground. That has everything to do with the financing of the film.

Penoza begins about a month in the fifth and final season. There ends the story, after the end of the series there is a movie about the family Of Walraven in the cinema. At least, that is the intention. However, there is a problem: there is not enough money.


Monic Hendrickx made the news during an interview with The Telegraph. “The film has yet to be funded, I always believe only on filming one that it continue. So it works in that world. But I hope there really are. That would make this goodbye a little easier, and not quite final,” says the actress.


Thus, it is not yet clear whether the film actually is. Sigrid ten Napel, Natalie Walraven in the series, yet has a good hope. Simply because they are the multitude of fans in the lurch wants to leave. “We have such a large following acquired and so many warm comments received through the years,” she says. If the movie doesn’t come then that’s according to Sigrid is not a big problem. They see it more as an encore than anything noodzakelijks.

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