Pantone honors Prince with a private shade of purple

1a86003c1d9e089f57af9c5cb5fa0bc4 - Pantone honors Prince with a private shade of purple

At Prince, you think quickly to the color purple. It is therefore not strange that kleureninstituut Pantone special shade of purple to the genius musician named.

The official name of this colour is PANTONE PQ-7448C and has the nickname “Love Symbol #2. That last is a reference to the symbol that for a while went by the name of Prince when he was angry at his record label. Then it was used as a logo for Prince.

The Love Symbol is also a draft of Mitch Monson, who along with Director/Producer Sotera Tschetter and Art Director Lizz Luc the symbols for man and woman merged into an androgynous design. In the first instance it would only serve as a logo, on the albums, but in the course of the years, let Prince also guitars in this signature form to build. Also the stage during the legendary Super Bowl performance Prince had the shape of the Love Symbol.

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