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Olga south side, about The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen

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Between the seniors in The secret diary of Hendrik Groen, the lively Sally, a conspicuous character. Actress Olga south side is expressed by the older lady, who clearly knows what she wants. “They go well with get older.”

Eefje is a strong elderly person who thought a lot about death. Are you like on her?
“She comes in a sort of prison with a director who says what they need to do. She picks up that not and to find out how that can be. In that sense, am I like her. I am 71 years and I’m still as stubborn as when I was 16. I find that Sally, good to deal with growing older. She has her euthanasiepapieren ready, only in a place where no one can find them. There, viewers can learn a lot from that. I now have a drawer where on the brink ‘euthanasia’, so my sisters and friends it can find. You should death not pushing away, there is-he only scarier.”

In the series the seniors a rebellenclubje with each other established. Do you know something from your own environment?
“I live in an apartment complex with girlfriends, who are appointed that we are here to be able to age. There is a lift and we could each keep an eye on, so we hope to homes need. I think you are a samurai when you get there at our age is still not have thought of.”

Felt it on the set as a cosy club?
“A record series means a lot of waiting, but we have a lot of fun had. Certainly with the people at ‘our table’ from the nursing home. Most people have already played before. That has nothing to do with favouritism. If you agree, you can be artistic, faster, further. I have a lot with Kees Hulst (Hendrik Green, red.) on the stage stood, and he had again with André van Duin played. The director will benefit from this.”

The secret diary of hendrik Groen, Monday – NPO 1 • 22.20 hours

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