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Norwegian fjords in new Bond film?

e34ba7b3cc7c7a2594d947dbcaa55ee4 - Norwegian fjords in new Bond film?

The new James Bondmovie is likely to be partially rotated in Norway. The producers of the film were recently in Norway and in locations chosen for a number of scenes.

A spokesman for Truenorth reported this in a Norwegian newspaper. Truenorth would like to have more film crews to Iceland, Greenland and Norway lure. That seems to be so successful.

Opening scene

It is intended that the opening scene in the Norwegian fjords are playing. But it is not one hundred percent sure that the shooting days in Norway continue. The Norwegian film fund has stringent rules and deadlines for financial stimuleringsaanvragen and it is not yet clear whether the producers of the new Bondfilm of the deadlines.


Norway had twice been the backdrop for scenes in James Bondmovies. Parts of the movies You only live twice (1965) and die another day (2002) were included. The netherlands was once only done by the British spy: a part of the story of Diamonds are forever, with Sean Connery, was the beginning of the seventies in Amsterdam.

Daniel Craig

The recording of the new James Bondfilm to be held next year. The premiere is scheduled for november 2019. Daniel Craig plays for the fifth time in the role of secret agent.

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