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Lodewijk Asscher, a guest in The Avondetappe

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Lodewijk Asscher has a return ticket to France booked, since he can tonight at Dione de Graaff join The avondetappe. The politician, along with Danny Nelissen and Henk Lubberding guest.

Asscher is thrilled that he is on tv about his love for cycling is allowed to talk. For The avondetappe may he highlights to take from the long history of the Tour de France. To his followers he asks already suggestions:

The Labour party does already say:

Radio Tour de France

Asscher told last year on the radio show Summer of sport that he, as a little boy, all was crazy on cycling: ‘We listened to in the summer to Radio Tour de France. That music and the excited people on the engine that told me who first drove, that still gives me a relaxing feeling. I can remember that I breathlessly listened, I understood the then still barely.’

The avondetappe is to see to 21.20 hours to see at NPO 1.

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