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Lewis Hamilton will start the GP of Brazil from the pitlane

The Mercedes F1 team has announced that Lewis Hamilton in the GP of Brazil from the pitlane start.

After his crash during the qualifying hit the car of Lewis Hamilton is seriously damaged. The car of Hamilton must prior to the race to be restored, and the Brit will race from the pitlane start.

By crash knew Hamilton that he is, anyway, the back would need to leave. The car of Hamilton was, however, from the parc fermé, so that he could be restored. Therefore, the Brit anyway from the pit lane to leave. Mercedes makes the pitlanestart also use to get a new engine to assemble without the adverse consequences of a gridpenalty to have to undergo.

“Lewis from the pitlane to leave because we are a racing car from the parc fermé must pick up. We must, after all, other parts than during the qualification at the bolide place,” says Mercedes.

“A new power unit will be one of those parts, since under these circumstances there is no punishment follows.”

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