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Last Penoza causes a lot of emotions

6b966577418d398e947ddf23aebfd14a - Last Penoza causes a lot of emotions

Sunday night was the last episode of Penoza. Ever! 855.000 viewers were tense to see how it would turn out with Carmen and her criminal mates. And in the end it was to swallow.

The big question was of course whether the protagonists life would bring. The drug production is not the most safe workplace and an accident sits in a small corner. There was confusion all around. Took Carmen to the end or not in a document?

The end made in any case for a lot of emotions.

Feature film

There is still a reasonable chance that Penoza a continued in a feature film. About which option is been a lot of talk, but around it is not because of a lack of budget. There is in each case written to the script, so there is hope.

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