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Katja Herbers sees role in CSI not sit

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Almost every Dutch actor would kill to do for a role in a big series like CSI and Vampire Diaries . Katja Herbers thinks differently about this. She is doing so well in Hollywood, that they have such acteerklussen shoot.

Katja Herbers known in the Netherlands, mainly thanks to roles in Divorce, Mannenharten , and Süskind. Meanwhile she is still limited in our country, her acting takes place mostly in Hollywood. So glittered they recently in Westworld, The leftovers , and Manhunt: the Unabomber. Let it be clear: America is on her feet. And there she is selective of.

Katja Herbers

Herbers will only work on series that in her eyes high quality. So berates them series like Vampire Diaries or CSI, simply because they can’t make it to such shows look. The fact that actors a lot for getting paid makes her nothing. Maybe we will see her soon in a new Netflix series?


The chance that Herbers in a Netflix series of shows, moreover, becoming greater and greater. Netflix boss Reed Hastings has for several times stated that the streaming service a Dutch series, wants to make. The project start is still not in 2017, but there is hope for the coming year. You may need to Herbers as a appje send it to the Netflix developer.

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