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Katja Herbers find work in America ‘quite difficult’

cffb2c9bc2029428f63caea5dde98ea7 - Katja Herbers find work in America 'quite difficult'

Katja Herbers is working properly on the road in the United States with roles in series like Westworld. However, the actress struggled with her success in the States.

In conversation with the Telegraph explains the 36-year-old Katya as to why they have three times to think before they work on the other side of the ocean accepts.


It turns out that Katja is struggling to for too long from home: “I love the work and the adventure, but I am still the greatest desire in the Netherlands, which I find the most fun country. I am the happiest. With my dog, my family and my friends.”


For that reason, she is also extremely careful and selective in the roles she accepts: “I only want to play in a good series which I would like to look. That is my criterion.” Her choice fell on Westworld: “Very nice that I for an American resume, which is already very long, a silent wish was. With top actors such as Anthony Hopkins to play, is in addition, of course, also a huge kick

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