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Juliette van Ardenne will be starring in a Copper

255dd8e811bf051c08f70abf673adb5b - Juliette van Ardenne will be starring in a Copper

Juliette van Ardenne is playing in season 4 of the politieserie Copper, Lotte van Hees, a quirky new detective on the desk in Tilburg.

The actress is in the fourth season directed by medehoofdrolspeler Jeroen van Koningsbrugge that his directorial debut.

Dennis van de Ven

In the fourth season of Copper seems to be the calm in Tilburg returned. William (Dennis van de Ven) is in charge of the police force of Marcel (Hans Ligtvoet) incorporated and Theo (Jeroen van Koningsbrugge) and Maartje (Kiki van Deursen) lead a quiet life with little TJ. But even before William used to his new position as head of the police of Tilburg, he finds himself in a case in which the difference between law and justice sharp.

Juliette van Ardenne is known for her role as nurse Kim Franks in Doctor Tinus, she participated in Expedition Robinson in 2014, played in ZOOP , and New Kids.

The fourth season of Copper will start on January 21, 2018

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