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Jules Hesters and Bryan Boussaer favorite in the AVS Cup U23

cbfb0f9a72e4de96439180c5a2546ede - Jules Hesters and Bryan Boussaer favorite in the AVS Cup U23

Shortly before the bottom of the oval all the attention to themselves hit back in ‘t ‘Kuipke’ may the promises tomorrow night, the audience warm-up. Won last year But Jules Hesters with Gerben Thijssen the jongerenzesdaagse. Thijssen debuts on the side of the experienced German Leif Lampater in the pros.

Hesters, who, with Bryan Boussaer again topfavorioet, must have just watch. “Of course I dream of ever Ghent’s six days to drive. Gerben is very classy. The European title afvalling in the elite in Berlin, put that extra in the paint,” says Jules for the legs losgooit in ‘t ‘Kuipke’. Iljo Keisse come just at that moment to beep in the Ghent track.

“Four days ago, I celebrated my nineteenth birthday. I still have a little time. At this moment we have a very strong track cycling team. I Was a few years earlier born, then I had perhaps already tasted the real six day”, winks the roguish Gentenaar. “I train with the pisteselectie and should be there within the shortest of times and reap the rewards.”

“We won the three-day in London and not just. The way in which if there are best. We dominated from beginning to end. This week is the players a little better upholstered than in London. The Italian duo of Filippo Ferronato-Matteo Donega, is not to be underestimated. That we the first two days puntenkoersen have to complete, is not immediately to our advantage. Fortunately, we have then another four days for lumps to make in the ploegkoersen. We go full for the win, but I realize that it is not without a fight will go.”

Of Matthias Van Beethoven-Arne The Great, two experienced warriors, the necessary response is expected. Maths Heinderson-Vincent Meyers and Mathias Lefeber-Michael Steyaert get also opportunities in ‘t ‘Kuipke’.

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