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Italy in tears after painful elimination, sport newspapers are hard and calling for revolution

154a4e684c2bed6b1c7eb3e5a833d09b - Italy in tears after painful elimination, sport newspapers are hard and calling for revolution

The Boot is crying! The doelpuntloze equal game against Sweden was enough Monday night not to the proud Azzurri to the world cup next year in Russia to guide them. What no one thought possible, happened: Italy fog for the first time since 1958, the biggest football tournament on the planet.



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The Italian football federation (FIGC), Wednesday will be “a thorough analysis of the world cup kwalificatiecampagne and taking the plunge”.

That has FIGC president Carlo Tavecchio said Tuesday, a day after the painful elimination of Italy in the barrages to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS next year in Russia. “This shutdown has us deeply and we are very disappointed,” said Tavecchio. “It is a sporting failure that solutions asks why I have tomorrow (Wednesday, ed.) a meeting on the schedule. We need to create an analysis and certain forward-looking choices.”

It is expected that the Italian bond, a decision will take about a coach, Giampiero Ventura. Needless to say, that the head of the 69-year-old coach after the premature exit on the kapblok. “Whether I coach continue to does not depend on me”, responded to Ventura after the game. “My spirit is now not ripe to take a decision. I go together with the bond, and will say what I have to say. I will listen and each decision to accept it.”

In the meanwhile, the Italian press is not tender:

“Everyone outside, time for a revolution”, thus, in holland the Corriere dello Sport in its editorial. The frustration is deep in the editorial board who are wondering how it is possible that coach Giampiero Ventura still not the towel has cast, and at the same time from the federation, still his resignation has not been given. “We are off to the B-group of the global football”, sounds the in a further analysis.

About the match itself, the Italian commentators briefly. Italy had the chances, if a penalty claim but had in the first half as good a penalty against him, the whistle can get after handplay of Darmian.

“Over and out”, wrote the Gazzetta dello Sport on the front page. “We have to start thinking about what we can do in June: a concert, the cinema, a festival… Anything is better than Sweden to see football at the world cup. That is too painful.”

The famous sports let herself also inspired by Biblical scenes. “Italy, this is the apocalypse. We are out of the world cup”, is the title of the item. The quote of the maligned coach Ventura is also wide spread. “Italians, forgive me”, the pathos is never far away. Also here is the cause of the failure is clear in the shoes of the coach, pushed that refused to Badge in.

“The azure disaster is a fact,” referred La Stampa to the traditional blue that the Italian team will usually occurs. “So much disappointment and so many annoyances. The excitement has passed and it is time things to mention them by name. Sweden is going to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia, and rightly so. The night above San Siro was pitch black.”

La Stampa is also ready with the coach Giampiero Ventura. “Let’s get to say goodbye to Ventura, to thank him and then as soon as possible, forget about how he the team has led.”

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Foreign schadenfreude

Abroad, the elimination of Italy as a large news considered. ‘Bad for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, good for us’, thus, in holland the German sensatiekrant Bild that the chances of the Mannschaft with a heave height. The French sports L’equipe has it on the end of a generation and a coach that excuses in the Italian football fans.

Of course, also get Gigi Buffon the necessary attention. The retirement of the legendary goalkeeper – 39 years old, and 175 international matches played – of the Squadra Azzurra is just about for everyone the most painful consequence of the Italian switch-off. Pictures of a crying Buffon, and stand just about anywhere prominently on the front pages.

The Mail Online illustrates the Italian sorrow with photos of crying players. The Boot is in tears, that much is clear.

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