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Isa Hoes read Of God los for

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Isa Hoes go together with, among others, Henry van Loon, and Melody Klaver the scenario read out of the Dutch film classic Van God los.

This form is called a script reading, and will take place on 22 september during the Netherlands Film Festival. The actors enter the scenario, live, reading in the Stadsschouwburg in Utrecht.


The three actors read the three lead roles. That will be in the movie played by Angela schijf, Egbert Jan Weeber and Tygo Gernandt. There are also some supporting characters read aloud. Kiki van Deursen, Thomas Cammaert and Arne Toonen take for their account.

Movie and series

Van God los came out in 2003 and became a genuine classic in the Netherlands. In total, pulled the film to 200,000 visitors. The film is inspired on the Gang of Venlo. Later, of Van God los also created a series, which next week, the fourth season starts.


It is also intended that the reading of a scenario of an annual tradition during the festival.

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