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House of Cards creators to make complaints of abuse Kevin Spacey in

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Kevin Spacey has reportedly employees of House of cards being misused. Therefore, the MRC, the production company that the popular Netflix series, a hotline for abuse of the actor set.

One after the other celebrity is currently accused of sexual abuse. Also the name Kevin Spacey is frequently called. So have, among others, eight employees of House of cards, abuse of Spacey reported. Therefore, it is a production company MRC a real hotline launched for all employees.

Kevin Spacey

It was at MRC is already known that Spacey inappropriate behavior had to be displayed on the set. That happened in 2012 when an employee complaint made to the management board. There was immediate action taken, by Spacey, a special training and the victim did not have to be more in the vicinity of the actor. That went on for months, causing the man in question is safely back felt. The employee tells CNN that Spacey at that moment struck.


The hotline should avoid that Spacey again. But MRC is not the only one who takes action against the actor. Also in the Netherlands he is no longer welcome at the great BusinessBoost Live event in Ahoy, where he in addition to, among others, John de Mol would speak.

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