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Frank Masmeijer on the flight?

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Frank Masmeijer is reportedly fled to Aruba. The former presenter eight years in prison for cocaïnesmokkel, and there seems little sense in having.

Frank Masmeijer is by the Belgian court to eight years in prison convicted of large-scale cocaine trafficking. His ex-wife Sandra was shocked enormously from the prison, but she is apparently not the only one. Sources have to misdaadjournalist Thijs Zeeman says that Masmeijer has fled to the sun-drenched Aruba. The news is noteworthy, since the court has decided that the former showmaster is next week need to report at the police station.


“I have several sides of sounds heard that he may be in Aruba.” says misdaadjournalist Thijs Zeeman in RTL Boulevard. “I sincerely hope that’s not true. It would be so incredibly oliedom if he would do that. It resolves nothing.”


If he is actually on the plane to Aruba being stepped on, then it is also possible that he just enjoy the sun. He must, after all, for years in a dark celletje camp. Al tells his lawyer that everything lariekoek. He says that the ex-presenter on the sun-drenched island and Monday at the police station. Let on hope.

Frank Masmeijer

If you have the soap around Masmeijer have missed, then we put everything for you at a glance. The former showmaster of the SERIES was in October 2014 arrested on suspicion of smuggling of a large party of cocaine in the port of Antwerp. He would be 476 pounds of hidden between a party of bananas from South America. That is proven, therefore, has Masmeijer a sentence of imprisonment imposed received up to eight years.

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