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“Excuses of Bart De Pauw are a missed opportunity’

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The excuses that Bart De Pauw last night the world focusing through a press release, a missed opportunity. That said Christine Mussche, a lawyer of the women who made a complaint submitted to the VRT. “The issues have already been minimized and the shoes pushed of the victims.’

Through his lawyer showed Bart De Pauw last night we know that he ” came to understanding that are playful or flirty way of dealing with women not to everyone’s liking’. He then is in the press release to anyone who is intimidated would have felt. “That is not ok and will not happen again.’

Facts minimize

Christine Mussche, which in the meantime already more than ten women were contacted, to find this communication as a missed opportunity. “He minimizes again the things”, does it sound during an interview on Radio 1. “He has the playful text and insinuates that the women in question this error have been like.’

A pity, thinks the lawyer. ‘So pushes The Peacock the responsibility. It plays that power a large role in. He would be better to simply apologize, without more.’

Right to privacy

Mussche is the victims. ‘They did not know of each other that they go to the VRT were stepped on, ” says the lawyer. ‘But they hoped, however, that the problem in all of the discretion was dealt with.’

Have the women no criminal charges filed, the court itself has started a research project. “The women have me asked for advice. They are afraid and do not want their names understanding, ” says Mussche. “They are also on their right to privacy. We are confident that the names be kept secret.’

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