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Ex-tienkamper Hans Van Alphen debuts with strong time in New York marathon

f198043d25bdbe657342d4772b6406d6 - Ex-tienkamper Hans Van Alphen debuts with strong time in New York marathon

Hans Van Alphen is the Sunday after 3u44:01 chosen in his first marathon in New York. He hoped to advance at 3h30. Van Alphen ran in New York to as much as possible to raise money for the non profit Mediclowns. Koen Naert is Sunday as the eighth ended in 2u13:21. Manuela Soccol finished on place 27 in 2u47:04.

The former world champions in the decathlon started a little dynamic to his game, but came half-way up or more or more in a predetermined 1u46:05 by. Especially in the zone between 35 km and 40 km was the traditional man with the hammer up, and dropped down the pace Of Expansion in the direction of nine per hour.

In the last kilometres Of Alphen, with the finish in sight, return speed up to eventually 3u44:01 to bells.

Koen Naert is handsome eighth: “Proud of my performance”

On toptijden must be in New York, in principle, not be counted. The course is hilly, and there are no pace-makers. Naert gave in advance to be fully in the function of a classification to walk. The West-Flemish was the majority of the race, the rekker in the breakaway. When he after 25 miles once again came to connect, he went even the command.

When the world their eindrush bets, it was hard for Naert, who in the mid in 1u06:19 was passed over, but collapse he did not at all. With an eighth place between nothing but the world, he puts on a top performance down. Soccol klokte mid-1u21:40, and had in the second half of the race still to concede ground.

Naert was one hundred percent satisfied, but they are very deep gone. “Pfieuw, I have tremendous apart the last five kilometres. I had not the feeling that I walk, but stumbling. When the cramps after 32 km started, it was a word of warning though. The route and the weather conditions were extremely heavy, but I’m proud of my performance.”

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