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European beloftekampioene and olympian, makes his debut on the long cross: “Got myself surprised,”

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European beloftekampioene and olympian in the 800 meters, Renée Eykens, came Mole for the first time in a long cross from a CrossCup. With a nineteenth place, as the seventh Belgian, she was absolutely alive. Imana Truyers tankte trust and Sofie Van located just a short wal is already looking forward to the games in 2018.

“Beforehand I had a bit afraid of the distance. We were here for 5.5 miles, the longest distance that I ever ran”, Eykens her story. “Almost all the specialists were there, and so I knew that I have a few knocking went on to handle during the race.”

Although they the heavy got was the 800m-specialist excited about her result. “I wanted to as long as possible on the teeth to bite, and that I have succeeded. With the results I am super happy, I got myself even a bit surprised. In the sand I stood immediately for a very tough first test.”

Truyers: “Constant high speed is crucial for me”

With a fifth place, and especially the title of the first Belgian, tankte Imana Truyers Sunday trust in the CrossCup in Mol. Rang them after the race in Ghent is still very cautious, she said that she is now openly on the victory.

“The training is going very well, but all of my concurrentes had a strong summer season, while I hardly took action. Than it is to wait to see what you’re in competition,” said a happy Truyers. “The feeling was good today. In the beginning came the Polish girls have not yet, and so I took the lead. A constant high pace is crucial for me. In the sprint I lose.”

Van located just a short wal: “for the victory”

Sofie Van located just a short wal, in advance, to towering topfavoriete bombed, turned out to be a bit too small. “I had one weak moment in the bunch, but luckily, it was my lead on Sofie large enough”, says Truyers. “Now, I’m full for the gold. After the new year to follow my favorite skirt yet.” (jove)

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