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Eh, eh, Hollands Hope is back

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Three years after the success of the first season is from Saturday, finally a sequel on the Dutch drama series Hollands hope, about a forensic psychiatrist who wietkwekerij runs. To your memory to refresh, we put all the facts.

Hollands hoop revolves around the forensic psychiatrist Fokke Augustine (Marcel Hensema). Together with his wife, Machteld (Kim van Kooten) he has three children: the adolescent Pippin (Martijn Lakemeier) and Lara (Megan de Kruijf) and later Filipa (Amber Robin). When his father dies inherits Fokke his farm. Together with his family, he leaves for the Groningen countryside to the funeral arrangements. A few days after arrival do Fokke a shocking discovery: in the middle of the corn fields found a huge marijuana plantation. Reluctantly, he takes the nursery, which leads to contact with dangerous criminals.

A hardened drug dealer

In no time changes Fokke in a hardened drug dealer. Meanwhile, there is also still the escaped tbs’there Dimitri (Peter van den Begin), one for murder, convicted patient of Fokke. He is Fokke bring and lives in the wietkwekerij. With the sentence ‘I need to tell you what ” caused Fokke his unknowing wife Machteld and the tv viewer on november 15, 2014 hankering after more behind.


Viewers and tv critics were lyrical about the first season. The eight-part series won the 2015 Golden Calf for Best tv drama. An even bigger compliment for the makers is that the series is an American remake. The channel A&E and Oscarwinnaars Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor are now working on the script. Hollands hope has previously been sold to Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

Long wait for sequel

Franky Ribbens is the author and screenwriter, his wife Dana Nechushtan signed for the director. Because they the past few years, had to deal with breast cancer, had a sequel a long time coming. “The series is so that you can wear not just to other people,” said Ribbens in the AD. In season 2 has Fokke is hard to ignore farming community transformed into a thriving mini-society by a clandestine wietcoöperatie to found. But a leader is one thing, a leader is something entirely different… Besides the return of all the surviving characters from the first season, also a few new actors: Gaite Jansen, Camilla Siegertsz and Jonas Smulders.

Police raid

No, fun was the shooting in and around farm High Ham in Groningen, Overschild not in the least. The sixteenth-century farmhouse, the setting for Hollands hope, was so worn out that major repairs to the safety of the cast and crew had to ensure. Because there is no power, had to leave in the winter months with hittekanonnen be heated. And then there was in april a police raid on the set. An externally-hired night watchman found on the site, a marijuana plantation, and smote thereon alarm. After the police had contact with the creators, was the misunderstanding clearly. The hundreds of plants were not home, but harmless hemp.

Breaking bad

Hollands hope is often compared with the American Breaking bad, the series about a chemistry teacher who is a crystal meth-trading begins. Franky Ribbens was initially not happy with that comparison. “I walked for that series with this idea,” he says in the AD. Now he sees it as a compliment. “Also, because we with a lot less money must do. I swear to god, with the budget of one episode of Breaking bad , we make a whole season Hollands hope.”

Weed in figures

• 21.9 percent of the adult Dutch people, that are 2,79 million people, says ever hit from a joint. The use is highest among dwellers of 21 years (75,5 percent).

• According to the research bureau Intraval there were in 2014 in the Netherlands, 591 coffee shops. The amount of coffeeshops falls annually. In 2012 and 2013, respectively 617 and 606 coffee shops, at the first measurement in 1999, there were still 846.

• The police rolled into 2015 in the Netherlands on average 16 times per day for a hennepplantage. Total 5856 plantations, a fifth of the existing nurseries. The number rolled plantations has been the same.

Hollands hope, Saturday – 20.25 hours • NPO 2

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