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‘Dutch’ film Dede wins prize in the Czech republic

e989c301f1d8e7e3d7dc0747bb1f99ce - 'Dutch' film Dede wins prize in the Czech republic

Good news for the Dutch film industry: the Dutch co-production The has the award won at the film festival in Karlovy Vary (Czech republic).

Producer Jamillah van der Hulst made this Saturday night to the world.

Dede is established with the aid of all parties. From the Netherlands was supported by The Dutch Film Club. A Dutch initiative that consists of a group of individuals and businesses that talented filmmakers worldwide support.


The director of the film was by the Georgian Mariam Khatchvani provided. Dede is about a young woman living in a village live where centuries old traditions are still very important. She is married, but she’s against it in rebellion.

It is still unknown when the film is in the Dutch cinemas.

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