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Drama in Italy: no world cup for the Azzurri after a series of missed opportunities and non-whistled penalty shoot-out against Sweden

026b59def5011144d49421a57cef8a9c - Drama in Italy: no world cup for the Azzurri after a series of missed opportunities and non-whistled penalty shoot-out against Sweden

The world cup 2018 is one of without Italy. The Azzurri remained in your own home stuck at 0-0 against Sweden, not enough to qualify for the world cup after the 1-0 loss from the first leg. However, Italy had enough chances to at least once to score, though Italy this week murmur about three non-whistled penalty (although in Sweden there is also definitely a earned). Italy is for the first time since 1958, not in a world cup for Sweden, it is the first world cup since 2006. A drama for Italy and the end of an era. In addition to Gianluigi Buffon (39) also keep Daniele De Rossi (34), Giorgio Chiellini (33) and Andrea Barzagli (36), agreed on with the national team.

Giampiero Ventura, the controversial coach of Italy, introduced three bills in comparison to the lost first leg: Jorginho, Florenzo and Gabbiadini came between the lines. Especially the rise of Jorginho was surprising. In advance, there was a riot in Italy over the midfielder of Napoli. That was invariably not accessed by Ventura, and it seemed, perhaps, for Brazil to choose. Sweden was Anderlecht-mercenary and Waasland-Beveren striker Isaac Kiese Thelin on the bank.

Italy knew where it began: it had to be twice scoring in San Siro after the 1-0 defeat from the first leg. Otherwise Sweden to its first world cup since 2006, and had Italy for the first time since 1958, the Global from the seat experience. Italy drew right away in the attack, which resulted after 9 minutes in a first time stir. Parolo was crocheted in the sixteen, but the Spanish referee decided no penalty know.

Again no penalty

That ball was on the dot, but not even five minutes, it was 1-1 with respect to non-whistled penalty. Referee Lahoz saw no hesitation in a clear handsbal of the Italian defender Matteo Darmian in the sixteen. Then crowds Italy Sweden further and further back, but a goal fell, but not for the proud Italians. Sweden was forced to defend, and he did that despite a forced change with verve. The biggest chance of the first period for Ciro Immobile, but he saw his shot from the line saved by defender Granqvist.

Halfway 0-0, Italy still had 45 minutes to get a world cup ticket to redeem, Sweden still had the same number of minutes to maintain. Early in the second half was the referee again in the spotlight, because after two minutes of play shouted to the crowd in San Siro again to a penalty. Darmian got a body check — read: a knee in the lower abdomen — but again it went the ball was not on the dot.

Sweden is pal

The Italians, however, remained boss, threw the Swedish coach his joker between the lines: solid bonk and Waasland-Beveren-striker Kiese Thelin should for the few Swedish back pressure concerns. And that move paid off, because Thelin gave Sweden that few tegenstoten yet more weight in the front. All he got this time but not opposed to a defender of Eupen, but was called the opposition, Chiellini and Bonucci.

The minutes, though sometimes merciless way, and Italy could find no hole through the yellow Swedish wall. Candreva tried it from far away, but the necessary goal fell but not. Not even with the contribution of El Sharaawy, Belotti and Bernardeschi. Italy in despair, Sweden looked now more to the stadionklok to the free man. But goals, that were not more in Milan. A stunt for the Swedes, a huge hangover for Italy. On 1 december, it is Sweden in the drum at the world cup draw, Italy has seriously oplapwerk for the bow. And that will have to happen with a new generation, because after the match confirmed Gianluigi Buffon (39), Daniele De Rossi (34), Giorgio Chiellini (33) and Andrea Barzagli (36) that they stop at the national team. An end of an era.

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