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Dione de Graaff about The Avondetappe 2017

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Dione de Graaff draws together again with Herman van der Zandt by France with the Tourtalkshow The avondetappe. A preview of three weeks wielerspektakel. “I expect a lot of Robert Gesink.’

It will be your second year at the table of The avondetappe. What is different than last year?

“To begin the time. We are a bit earlier than last year. In itself makes me not so much, but the atmosphere at the table will be different because the outside light is. Actually, I’m there now, for the first time to think about it…”

The other point in time have consequences for the broadcast?

“The quantity all the way over, we will certainly not do. However, Herman the program now from a different location. He is the afternoon first at the finish of the stage. The previous time he saves the logistics are not more to be on time the location of The avondetappe to achieve. He is, therefore, somewhere else, for example, together with a rider. By a liveverbinding with the table, he can still participate in the conversation.”

Who can we this year at the table expect?

“We are going to work with a rotating group of experts. Among them wielerjournalisten Thijs Zonneveld and Danny Nelissen. And furthermore, there are of course all kinds of cycling enthusiasts and Frankrijkfans along. It is important that we the atmosphere at the table from last year want to hold. Herman and I get the time to be in the program to grow, just as Mart Smeets for many years the time was to leave its mark.”

This year a competition of Tour du jour. Provides that a violation?

“Well, I understand that they have a program in Breda and that they are going to talk about cycling. But a battle can not occur because we have a totally different program. Incidentally, I see Tour du jour back with pleasure as I can.”

Presenter Wilfred Genee says that he is the added value of a programme on location.

“That I do not understand. We are sitting close to the stage, at the finish line and get the atmosphere of France. It is a holiday, eh. That is important. Personally I find the match the best, but you should not underestimate how many people look because of France and the holiday feeling. A Tour de France in February would be considerably less popular.”

What do you expect from the Tour?

“I wonder if it’s really exciting and that Chris Froome is not strong. And I’m curious if the success of Tom Dumoulin, that the Giro d’italia, won by working with the other people. We have no real klassementsrenner, but I expect that Robert Gesink is doing well. As the attacker, and maybe even as a stage winner!”

The Avondetappe, daily from Saturday, July 1, 21.25 • NPO 1

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