Depeche Mode in superb form at Madison Square Garden

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If I’m visiting a city abroad, then I think it’s always nice to have a concert to visit. Currently, I am for a few days in New York and there I saw Depeche Mode in the famous arena of Madison Square Garden.

Most of the major concert halls is often located on the outskirts of the city, but it is not. The striking round building is in the heart of Manhattan. As a result, you are on the go in the subway all the vibe of a nice evening feel to arrive. If you then from the station to the MSG runs, swells that happy feeling still further.

Support act

I am asked, because I would like the opening act Warpaint. Despite the fact that the hall still for no quarter is filled, and most Americans are busier busy with selfies than with the band look, know Warpaint is a good and energetic set. I have the band more live, but this time they were much better. I get the strong feeling that Warpaint has grown tremendously the last few months. Especially the New Song sounds great, danceable, and enthusiastic.

After a quick refit and a short video for a good cause, appears to Depeche Mode on the stage. Madison Square Garden is now ramvol and the public has a clear meaning. The band kicks off with the single Going Backwards from the latest album Spirit. Where many bands that have for so long turn the only must have of hits of long ago, Depeche Mode also plenty of beautiful new work to be heard. Especially Where’s the Revolution sounds current and fresh.

A lot of hits

However, the public especially for the old hits, and they get it too, in large numbers! For example, the by Martin Gore singing A Question of Lust. With only piano as accompaniment, he fragile in this huge hall. The audience sings, of course, out of full chest. An early highlight in the show. At the end of the regular part of the set Depeche Mode a lot of hits and audience favorites after each other, including the beautiful Enjoy The Silence. With the help of beautiful images of farm animals on the video screen, and a lot of interaction gets the band the most out of this timeless hit.

After a short pause follows as a corollary that quietly begins. Gore sings acoustic the pretty Somebody and there follows also a tribute to David Bowie with Heroes. I Feel You and Personal Jesus ultimately constitute the final. Great to have these famous songs in such a special location. Depeche Mode is still in great shape. Especially the influences from the techno make for a contemporary upgrade of a number of classics. Also is Dave Gahan still very energetic on stage and very good voice.

With thanks to Sister the Farmer for the cards and Icelandair for the ticket. On January 13, the band will play at the Ziggo Dome and there are still tickets for sale! The photos are made by Jacco Kuipers.

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