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Daniel Craig is less stunts in Bond movie

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Just after it becomes known that Daniel Craig again in the role of James Bond is going to crawl, he has but made a promise to his wife, Rachel Weisz. He is less own stunts.

The wife of the 49-year-old actor, according to British media, not very good sleep since her significant other to agree to a new James Bond role.


“Rachel wants, not that he is again in pain. None of his pains is totally gone,” says an insider in the media. “They have made a deal about how hard he himself is pushing and he will this time do not go to extremes. It was a necessary condition”.

Own stunts

Craig, who is generally his own stunts, has therefore already quite a few physical problems. He needed surgery on his knee, because he during recordings for Spectre was wounded by a knife. Also tore he is already a muscle, which, in his shoulder, metal pins sit. In addition, he lost all of a few teeth.

The new Bond film should be in 2019 in the cinema. It is the fifth time that Craig James Bond plays.

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