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Criticism Beau let Yvon Jaspers completely cold

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Beau van Erven Dorens had at Linda’s zomerweek hefty criticism on Farmer wants a wife. Yvon Jaspers can there not be awake of are: “Whatever will be”.

Beau went to the bank with Linda de Mol about the popular datingprogramma. He was particularly sorry for the women who sign up: “All the nice women in which farmers brought in, and that are the most terrible people I have ever seen,” says Beau, who showed particular compassion for the candidates.


In AD Magazine responds Jaspers (44) in an extended interview for the first time on that criticism. They can be brief: she has a Beau has never met and therefore attaches little value to his opinion: “I’m very curious about what Beau his children learn what he wants them to give. And further, I think: whatever, it will be,” said Yvon. ,,As a friend saying something similar, it touches me, this is not. That is not stoerdoenerij, it is a choice, so I remain standing.”

Thick skin

Jaspers has in the course of the years, a thick skin developed: “I’m 44 and gave my first interview on my 19th. More than 25 years, I have to deal with a stream of opinions and comments. Fortunately, they are often positive, but when I seriously would take, I have no life any more. Moreover, the criticism is not about me, the compliments either. That go across an image that people have. So can I but better not too much worry. That is why I do not Twitter or Facebook. If that old-fashioned, then I’m that. It pleases me well.”

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