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Christina Applegate shows ovaries remove

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Christina Applegate (45) has her ovaries and fallopian tubes preventively removed. The American actress is hoping with this medical intervention cancer to prevent.

Applegate lost in 2008 her cousin to ovarian cancer. Research has shown that they are also a carrier of the specific BRCA-gene mutation putting them at increased risk also has to be sick.


In an interview with ochtendshow Today tells Christina that she is in control wanted to keep, and therefore decided to go under the knife to go: “I could avoid that I became ill. It is a relief. A possibility that no longer plays. Let’s hope that I’m not under a bus loop.”

Breast cancer

Christina lives for years with the disease. In 2008, it was the Married with children-sterzelf already treated for breast cancer. Also that kankervariant is hereditary, which she fears for her six-year-old daughter, Sadie: “The chance that she has is very large. In twenty years they will also need to be tested. Hopefully be there by that time, new developments. My heart breaks when I think that they may have.”

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