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Carsten Bjørnlund about The Legacy

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Unpleasant surprises, new horizons and a heart-rending tragedy. The third season of the Danish drama series The legacy, about a wealthy family of artists, full of dramatic developments. A preview with Carsten Bjørnlund, or Frederik Grønnegaard.

1. Frederik Grønnegaard (Carsten Bjørnlund)
“My character, the oldest son, red.) Frederik is after his divorce to California moved. After a bit of time for himself, he has, ultimately, a successful law firm set up. And although America Frederik not so bad to like it, he misses his ex and children. Hence, he is at the beginning of the season returns. Uninvited, he appears on the first art exhibition of his daughter Hannah.”

2. Hannah Grønnegaard (Karla Løkke)
“Frederick’s daughter, who after the divorce of her parents by her aunt Gro under the wings is taken. Hannah had a very close relationship with her grandmother Veronika (the free-spirited matriarch/artist of the family, who at the beginning of the first season died, eds.). She is part of a group of wild young artists, very artistic, and quite daring.”

2. Gro Grønnegaard (Trine Dyrholm)
“Frederick’s big sister. Bossy-ie her. Strong and often oervervelend. Although the two meet regularly at the hair fly, Frederik the end always for Gro record. She is and will always be family.”

3. Emil Grønnegaard (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard)
“Frederick’s younger brother. The (prison)experiences in Thailand and the death of Thomas have a lot in hacked. Frederik holds dearly of his brother, and perhaps most of all. And that goes with a power of love: Emil get everything done in Frederick. Hence, Emil him the most pain can do. And that happens sometimes.”

4. Signe Larsen (Marie Bach Hansen)
Young woman, who is Frederick’s sister turned out to be, discovers she is infertile and will focus on the breeding of biovarkens. Björnlund: “For Signe and all the characters is: what do we want to pass to the next generation? What next?”

The Legacy, Monday – NPO 2 • 23.00

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