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Brother regretted Scarponi: “Since his death, I wonder how the cyclists on the road, keep training”

5af3167dbe15945a067e1d835c316636 - Brother regretted Scarponi: “Since his death, I wonder how the cyclists on the road, keep training”

The brother of the in april, reported the Italian cyclist Michele Scarponi has in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera , an emotional call to do what to the safety of the cyclists. “Every day since his death, I ask myself the question: how do cycling managed to the road to continue training. They do it, but it is so dangerous.” Immediately he called out to the car once more to the side to leave, for our safety.

It is still not completely clear how it is that Michele Scarponi in april deadly was hit by a van, but there is the presumption that the driver was distracted by his cell phone when the fatal collision. For the brother of Scarponi, Marco,that was reason enough to make an emotional call to do in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera in an answer to question of paralympic champion hand cycling Alex Zanardi to a campaign led against directors who allow themselves to be distracted by the mobile phone behind the wheel. Scarponi called for a change in the mentality, in which he stressed that every car driver may be the death of a cyclist or pedestrian could cause.

“Maybe we need the car once on the side”, he suggested. “Instead of a few meters to ride with the kids to school, to the store or the café. A healthy, sustainable and safe way of life depends on how we use. Whether we like it or not, and how much we ourselves find that we are innocent, we are all concerned and possibly guilty of a massacre.” Scarponi revealed that the family has plans to set up a fund to road safety, to help improve. “Micheles laughter will save a lot of lives”, concluded Marco Scarponi the letter.

“How do they keep it full?”

On the presentation of the Tour of the Alps, where Scarponi this year, his last victory achieved, was a tribute to the late rider. In 2018 will also be a special prize for outstanding teamwork award in honor of the Italian. The brother of Scarponi repeated there are call to work on the road safety.

“The statistics in Italy do not lie. In 2016, lost every day a cyclist life. Dying every day there are also two pedestrians in the traffic. Each year there are 4,000 victims of road accidents on the road,” suggested Marco. “Every day since the death of Michele and I imagine the same question: how to keep cyclists to keep going to be out on the road to start training? They do it, but it is very dangerous. There is a real risk that someone leaves and not return. We must do something to change that, to save lives.”

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