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Bottas eat in Brazil polepositie of Vettel, Hamilton crashes in bandenmuur

8f9acdc1db9cc056b03496c7760a1ec8 - Bottas eat in Brazil polepositie of Vettel, Hamilton crashes in bandenmuur

Valtteri Bottas during a thrilling qualifying the polepositie for the GP of Brazil conquered. The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne was killed in action in Q2 and drove the thirteenth time.

During the first part of the qualification, we were immediately spectacle. None other than Lewis Hamilton, one of the favourites for the polepositie, lost control of his car and crashed into the bandenmuur.

The Mercedes of Hamilton, was severely damaged and the Brit was clearly affected by his crash. Fortunately for Hamilton, the world championship title already in the bag, he will during the race, after all, the last to leave.

After the interruption due to the crash of Hamilton could the session be resumed, and it was Kimi were times in the Ferrari to the fastest time riding, with only 47 thousandths ahead of Valtteri Bottas. A remarkable image was there for Romain Grosjean, who with a broken T-wing faster than team-mate Kevin Magnussen.

Stoffel Vandoorne was also able to advance to Q2 and that with a thirteenth time. In the society all were very close together, with barely two tenths difference between the seventh and the thirteenth time of Stoffel Vandoorne. Details will also during Q2 the difference between an early exit and to advance to Q3.

And one of those details that the weather conditions are, because at the start of Q2 beginning the very light rain. The riders tried as quickly as possible to have a quick round to put down on the droogweerbanden.

The heavy rain continued, however, and the full session just on slicks finished. And it was Sebastian Vettel the fastest, with a new circuitrecord. Valtteri Bottas followed in second at slightly less than one and a half tenth.

At McLaren could Fernando Alonso thanks to a magnificent sixth time to advance to Q3, this is in contrast to Stoffel Vandoorne, who with his thirteenth time to be killed. Vandoorne was little more than a half a second slower than his Spanish team-mate.

During Q3, when the polepositie was fought, it was Valtteri Bottas in the Mercedes, as the first besttijd left a note. Vettel counterde however immediately, and was 82 thousandths faster than the Fin. Provisional polepositie so for the German, though it was not very exciting. There was a second run which attempts could be to go even faster.

With a few minutes to go we got, however, raindrops to be seen, though it was raining, but very light. The riders were again on droogweerbanden on the track in an attempt to cover their lap time improve.

During that second run and managed from the top only Valtteri Bottas managed to complete his lap time to improve but that round was, however, immediately faster than the besttijd of Sebastian Vettel. Polepositie so for Bottas, that we are on the first and last place of the grid in a Mercedes: Bottas at the front, and Hamilton in the back. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi were times to start with the two Ferrari’s on the places two and three.

1. V. Bottas Mercedes 01:09.452 01:08.638 01:08.322 22
2. S. Vettel Ferrari 01:09.643 01:08.494 01:08.360 21
3. K. Were Times Ferrari 01:09.405 01:09.116 01:08.538 18
4. M. Verstappen Red Bull 01:09.820 01:09.050 01:08.925 18
5. D. Ricciardo Red Bull 01:09.828 01:09.533 01:09.330 19
6. S. Perez Force India 01:10.145 01:09.760 01:09.598 21
7. F. Alonso McLaren 01:10.172 01:09.593 01:09.617 17
8. N. Hulkenberg Renault 01:10.078 01:09.726 01:09.703 21
9. C. Sainz Jr. Renault 01:10.227 01:09.768 01:09.805 17
10. F. Massa Williams 01:09.789 01:09.612 01:09.841 16
11. E. Ocon Force India 01:10.168 01:09.830 17
12. R. Grosjean Haas 01:10.148 01:09.879 16
13. S. Vandoorne McLaren 01:10.286 01:10.116 15
14. K. Magnussen Haas 01:10.521 01:10.154 18
15. B. Hartley Toro Rosso 01:10.625 15
16. P. Wehrlein Sauber 01:10.678 12
17. P. Gasly Toro Rosso 01:10.686 10
18. L. Stroll Down Williams 01:10.776 8
19. M. Ericsson Sauber 01:10.875 12
20. L. Hamilton Mercedes 2

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