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Boston wins again in the NBA, San Antonio in house boat

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The basketball players from the Boston Celtics have Friday, their eleventh victory in a row, recognized in the American NBA. Boston knocked out not without effort, the Charlotte Hornets with 90-87.

The Celtics had after only two minutes play a heavy setback on the receiving end. Asset Kyrie Irving got from team-mate Aron Baynes accidentally an elbow at his head, and had with a suspected concussion to leave the field. It took a while before the team from Boston that blow to the top. The Hornets took a lead of eighteen points, and only in the third quarter began, the home team back to scribbling. In the fourth quarter to put the Celtics still have the duel to their hand. Shane Larkin and Jayson Tatum were the topschutters to the winning team, each with 18 points.

San Antonio lost in their own home from Milwaukee with 87-94. Luminary among the visitors was Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is 28 points and twelve rebounds for his account took.

Oklahoma put an end to a series of four defeats and defeated the Los Angeles Clippers with a 120-111. Detroit beat Atlanta 111-104) and Miami showed himself to be the better of Utah (74-84). Furthermore, there were victories for Orlando (112-128 against Phoenix), Indiana (87-105 against Chicago) and Brooklyn (97-101 against Portland).

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